Stop. Relax. Get organised.


Quality management is about continuous improvement. You implement a process, develop a system, observe it and measure it. You identify what works and what doesn’t. You change some aspects and start the process of review again.

However, sometimes things still don’t work out. But that’s how it is in research. This is why we need to document and report deviations. Unexpected things happen, errors occur. The most important thing to do when things don’t work out is to learn from these issues, improve and move forward. It’s not always easy, and sometimes it requires a new set of eyes to be able to see the wood through the trees.

So when things feel like they’re not going well, the best thing to do is to stop. Relax. Then get organised. Break down your workload into manageable, bite-sized chunks. Write a to-do list of the most important five things you need to do this week. Work through the tasks, one-by-one, then when you’re done, stop, relax, and take a moment to praise yourself for a job well done.

The more we break down our work into manageable pieces the easier it is to stay on top of it. This is essential if we’re to stay efficient and motivated in our work, and necessary to avoid overwhelm.

So, next time it all seems too much…

Stop. Relax. Get organised.

It’s a mantra we all need to remember.


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